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Introducing: Social Hour Cocktails

I’m excited to share that I launched my very own line of canned cocktails!  Meet Social Hour Cocktails (long time readers of the site will recognize this as the site’s old name).    I created all the recipes myself by hand (I have a lab in my basement!).   They were subjected them to the same meticulous scrutiny, passion, and obsession as all these recipes on this site.  I'm extremely proud of them. 

We currently have five.  They are long-style cocktails: think bubbly and refreshing collins, fizzes, spritzes, and highballs.  They are full-proof, full flavor, and have the same ABV and ingredient ratio as a cocktail made from scratch.  They’re delicious out of the can, when poured over and given a garnish they’re as good as a cocktail made from scratch.

We are available to ship to about 40 states, you can order them below!  We are currently on shelves in New York, New Jersey (every Total Wine in NJ!), as well as Walt Disney World in Orlando!  If you know of any stores in those states please let me know.  I am working on expanding.

True, there are a lot of canned cocktails out there, but this is not a case of me jumping on the bandwagon of “something popular”. I first had this idea back in 2013 when I was making Gin & Tonics for my wife and me.  We launched in 2020.  It's been a wild ride, and we're just getting started.  I'll continue to post updates as they occur.


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Black Pepper Paloma

11.2% ABV

Tequila, pink grapefruit soda, black pepper, lime, salt







The newest addition to the lineup!  This spicy riff on the traditional Paloma draws on black pepper as the heat source (readers of the site know I love pairing black pepper and tequila).  The result is a spice that's less penetrating than jalapeño, it has a more warming and complex profile that pairs beautifully with the tequila and salt.  I developed a pink grapefruit soda to match so the cocktail hits the notes of sweet, tangy, savory, and spicy equally. I've been wanting to do a tequila cocktail for awhile.  Sourcing tequila in a timely and affordable way is a challenge, but I finally figured it out.  This one is fire (so to speak) when poured over ice and sprinkled with a little more salt.


Yuzu Sunset Fizz

11.3% ABV

Vodka, yuzu, peach, key lime, jasmine

Our #1 seller!  This vibrant vodka cocktail is rooted in the Tom Collins family.   The blend of tangy yuzu, ripe peach, tart key lime, and floral whisper of jasmine make for an irresistibly delicious cocktail that tastes like a sunlit evening in a can.   Sometimes I describe this as a grown-up Orangina (despite containing no orange!).  It's nostalgic but still sophisticated.  It is perfectly balanced, irresistibly delicious, and endlessly refreshing. Fun fact, this used to be called the Sunkissed Fizz, but Sunkist Soda got made at me - the overlap honestly never occurred to me!  But I think having Yuzu in the name is better anyway. Yuzu is all the rage, but we did it back in 2021!


Whiskey Mule

10.5% ABV

Whiskey with ginger beer


Navy Strength

Gin & Tonic

11.5% ABV

Navy strength gin and tonic water


A classic Moscow Mule with whiskey, aka A Dark & Stormy with Whiskey, aka a Whiskey Ginger.  Whatever you call it, this combo cocktail may sound simple but it delivers on every level and is deeply satisfying.  It's got plenty of full-bodied whiskey character which is matched with a citrus-forward ginger beer that I created specifically for this cocktail.  It has a perfect gingery bite that's not too sweet, complete with a nice spicy kick on the finish.

This is the one that inspired it all.  I first dreamed of having a premixed G&T back in 2013! I know there are plenty of canned Gin & Tonic out there, but humbly, none of them beat Social Hour's.  I've partnered with the New York Distilling Company and am using their Navy Strength Perry's Tot Gin. To pair with it, I created a tonic water that lends perfect harmony of sweetness, acidity, and bitterness.  It's made with my ideal 1:3 ratio of gin to tonic giving us a proper G&T ABV of 11.5%.  In addition to juniper, there are a ton of fresh citrus notes and some subtle floral ones, all coming from botanicals in the gin.   Peak G&T!


Pacific Rose Spritz

10.5% ABV

Vodka, aperivito, passionfruit, strawberry, meyer lemon, white wine

This is a love letter to the timeless Aperitivo Spritz (think Aperol Spritz). that weaves tropical passionfruit and tangy grapefruit in with our signature aperitivo and crisp rosé wine. The result is a bright, breezy, bubbly cocktail with a hint of bitterness and subtle complexity.

Some Pictures from My Social Hour Journey

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