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Christmas Sangria and What's I'll be Drinking over the Holidays

Season’s greetings everyone! The time to raise our cups is here!

I added one more holiday recipe to the site just in time for Christmas: Christmas Sangria (appropriately). It delivers the fruity, easy-drinking pleasures of Sangria with enough holiday flavors put you in festive spirits (ahem, so to speak). It features a pairing of cinnamon (what else?) elderflower that is particularly delightful. I’m making a batch myself for my family’s Christmas day celebration.

There are plenty of other holiday cocktail options to choose from on the site's Holiday page. Here are the ones I’ll be drinking to celebrate Yule this year (or already have):

This past Saturday I made a batch of Wassail for the winter solstice. I reengineered the recipe this year and I’m really into the new one - it’s sort of a cross between mulled wine and mulled cider. If nothing else, I encourage you to visit the Wassail page just for the history section. The drink dates back to at least the 12th century!

I made a batch of cranberry-infused gin which my wife and I have been enjoying it in my sparkling Holly and the Ivy punch over the past week. I’m bringing this one to Christmas day as well.

On Christmas morning, my wife and I going to have Meet Me in Montauks with breakfast, a hybrid of Mimosa and a French 75 with clementine juice. It is pure magic. I cannot wait.

I’m also going to try and also squeeze a batch of warm and frothy Tom and Jerry’s on Christmas day. I don’t know how we’ll fit it in, but now is the time!

And of course, there’s Eggnog. There can never be enough. I’ve made a few batches of my Classic Eggnog recipe over the past month, just to make sure it’s as delicious as I remembered (it is!). Last night I made some Peppermint Bark Eggnog to go with our dessert of Costco brand Peppermint Bark. Yum. Tonight my hazelnut-infused bourbon should be ready, so I’m going to whip up a batch of Bourbon Hazelnut Eggnog.

To be sure, it’s been a very indulgent month, and I’m definitely going to pump the brakes in January. But for now, we celebrate and enjoy all that is good in life. Over the next few days may your hearts be full of love and generosity, and your cups be full of delicious cheer.

Thank you all for reading. Merriest holidays to you all!



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