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New Recipe Page: Pumpkin Eggnog

Christmas approaches! As such, I'm adding another Eggnog recipe to the site, which brings the total to 4. Pumpkin spice has become so popular it’s practically part of the American Zeitgeist. Not only is it delicious, it manages to evoke the warm cozy feeling of autumn, winter and the holidays all rolled into one. So adding it to Eggnog - which also evokes those things - was a no brainer.

What’s nice about this recipe is it actually contains, and tastes like, real pumpkin. Most pumpkin spice-flavor things are just the baking spices associated with pumpkin pie: cinnamon, ginger, allspice and nutmeg. So of all the pumpkin-y things out there, this is probably one of the pumpkin-y-est.

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