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New Recipe: The Moscow Mule

Vodka, despite being one of the most popular spirits in the world, doesn't have many classic cocktails to it's name, outside of vodka-based variations on other classics like the Vodka Gimlet, Vodka Martini and Caipiroska (Caipirinha with vodka). I suppose you could argue for the Bloody Mary, though that sort of exists in it’s own universe, or the Cosmopolitan, which came much later in the 1980s, after classic cocktail applications were largely closed. That leaves us with the Moscow Mule, a refreshingly fizzy blend of spicy ginger and bright citrus that is next to impossible to help guzzling down. On the new page, in addition to two recipes - including one with homemade ginger syrup - are variations, where to buy those cool copper mugs (and whether or not you need one) and a look into the drink's contested (isn't it always?) history.

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