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New Recipe: The Red Red Rose

Finally returning to Social Hour after a 3 week hiatus. My family and I were in Martha's Vineyard for the last 2 weeks of August. I planned to update the site while away, but as is often the case, what I imagine I can accomplish and what I am able to accomplish are on opposite sides of the multiverse (in an alternate reality somewhere there's a Tom who's crazy productive, or maybe just one's that's crazy realistic). Nevertheless, I'm back! This week's recipe is very special to me. I created the Red Red Rose for my wife, and we served it at our wedding. It's not groundbreaking, I just made the most delicious drink I could think of, which in this case is a French 75 crossed with an Aperol Spritz, plus strawberry. But tasty as it is, the drink's true significance for me is the story behind the name. Which you can find in all its hopelessly romantic glory on the new page.

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