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New Recipe: The Brooklyn Cocktail

September is here, that means it's whiskey season (truth be told, it's always whiskey season at my house).

Having lived in Brooklyn for 12 years and raised my family here, the Brooklyn cocktail would hold a special place in my heart no matter what was in it. But lucky for me, it happens to be my favorite type of cocktail there is: stirred and boozy, with whiskey. It's a descendant of the Manhattan - my all-time favorite cocktail - but one that possesses it's own identity. As it should be. In Brooklyn we don't worry about what's going on in Manhattan. We do our own thing.

This cocktail may require some added stocking of your liquor cabinet. But if you love Manhattans even half as much as I do, the reward will be well worth the effort. Plus, there are plenty of other drinks you can make with those new bottles, examples are in the variations section on the Manhattan page.

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