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The Recipe Page: The Pisco Sour

Great Scott! I didn't post a single new recipe page in October. For shame. It was a wild month that started off busy and never seemed to slow down. Oh well, here we are again. This week's new addition is one of the last essential classics I've been meaning to add to the site: the Pisco Sour. Pisco is an unaged brandy that hails from Peru. The drink, as you might imagine, follows the basic sour template, though while egg white is optional in many sours - like the Whiskey Sour - here it is paramount. Also notable is the addition of a few drops of Angostura bitters over the top, which adds some aromatic complexity and gives the drink a rather striking presentation (whether you get fancy with it or not). On the page you'll also find some tips for making egg white cocktails and maximizing the head of foam, as well as a deep dive into the drink's history.

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