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New Recipe Page: Tequila Old Fashioned

Things have warmed up here quite a bit since last week, so we are back to proper cocktails - with ice. This week’s recipe is for a Tequila Old Fashioned, which single-handedly changed my perception of tequila when I first had one. Until then I only thought of tequila as the base of a Margarita or a shot I would later regret. But this drink showed me that when made well, it could exhibit the same levels of depth and complexity as any top shelf sipping spirit.

The drink uses barrel-aged tequila - called reposado or añejo tequila - and is constructed just like a classic Old Fashioned, only with agave nectar as the sweetener and the addition of mole bitters (if you have them. If not, Angostura is great.) It’s a great option for Old Fashioned lovers looking to change things up. Give it a try!

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