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New Recipe Page: Smash of the Titans

After a couple weeks, I finally posted a new page up on the site. This one is all about mixing with kumquats, everyone's favorite olive-sized winter citrus fruit. In cocktails, they are a revelation. The page includes 7 simple and delicious recipes you can make with them, headlined by my favorite: the Smash of the Titans, a riff on the Bourbon Smash using kumquats and fresh oregano in place of lemon wedges and mint.

I'm a little worried that since we're at the tail end of kumquat season - which usually goes through March - they might be tougher to find, but higher end markets should still have them. So if any of these recipes sound good to you, don't hesitate! Head over to your local Whole Foods-ish store and make some kumquat cocktails while you still can!

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