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New Recipe Page: The Widow's Kiss

Winter may drawing to a close, but it sure doesn’t feel like it in Brooklyn where it’s snowed twice in the past week. So I’m still sticking with all things stirred, boozy and mostly importantly, strong. Case in point, this week’s cocktail is no joke. The Widow’s Kiss is a simple manhattan variation with apple brandy that uses Benedictine and Yellow Chartreuse in place of vermouth. The kicker is that both of these liqueurs are 40% ABV which means that everything in this drink is at full spirit proof! Is it a little over the top? Sure is! And that's the point.

Also on the page are my usual meticulous commentary about the as well as a few variations that pack a similar wallop, the Wicked Kiss and Diamondback cocktail, a favorite of many of today’s bartenders.

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