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New Recipe: the Vieux Carré

This week we have a major addition to Social Hour rolodex: the Vieux Carré, an iconic classic New Orleans cocktail that is second only to the Sazerac in stature (admittedly, Ramos Gin Fizz fans may take issue that statement). Pronounced “View”, or “Voo", “ka-Ray", it translates literally to “Old Square” and is another name used for the French Quarter, the popular tourist attraction and oldest part of the Crescent City.

Though I love the Vieux Carré, the traditional recipe always tastes a tad uneven to me. It’s composed like a Manhattan with a few additional ingredients, Cognac, Benedictine and Peychaud's bitters. But while these add complexity, they also add a softness that I think can come off a little sweet. So over the last couple weeks I’ve been working on a tweaked recipe that I think is ultimately more balanced, but still retains its trademark elegance and richness.

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