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New Recipe: The Hanky Panky

Spring still stubbornly refuses to surface, so I am holding off on herbs, fruit and citrus cocktails for now. But I’m not complaining, because that gives me excuse to feature another one of my favorite stirred cocktails: the Hanky Panky. Despite it’s adolescent-sounding name, this is quite the grown-up cocktail. Its constructed a lot like a Martinez, but with the key addition of fernet, which imparts an intriguing bittersweet note. If you’re a fan the Negroni, Manhattan, and particularly the Toronto, this cocktail is for you.

Included on the page is the usual look into the cocktail’s history, which is particularly notable in this case because it was created by Ada Coleman, the head bartender of he iconic Savoy Hotel bar from 1903-1926. This makes the Hanky Panky an, unfortunately rare, example of a classic cocktail created by a woman. Which is why I’ve also added some thoughts on bartenders who happen to be women (hint: they are the best).

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